Aimée Salmi, founder of Aimée Designs, was born in Oslo, Norway in 1972.  From an early age, interior design has fascinated her, as she often changed the layout of her bedroom.  She was soon ‘hired’ by her friends to do theirs.

Aimée is undeniably a diversified international person, who studied in Switzerland, Cambridge, Boston, Paris and London. She obtained her bachelor of liberal arts degree in International Relations and Business Administration at Boston University in 1994.  After working for IMG in London and IOC in Switzerland, she followed her true passion and studied interior design at Inchbald School of Design in London, where she obtained a Merit Commended diploma. She worked for renowned interior designer Monica Apponyui of MM Design and Castello Di Reschio in Umbria, Italy.  This gave Aimée the foundation to start her own interior design business established in London, 1999.

Aimée Designs mainly carries out residential projects adapting her talent to the clients’ briefs.   Lately, she has diversified into commercial projects.  Many of the studio’s projects have included project managing the whole construction process.

Aimée keeps both her company and number of active projects exclusive so that she can ensure her full commitment and involvement in every aspect of the design projects.   Her immense attention to detail has permitted the studio to develop projects in London, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Bahamas, and as far reaching as Ghana.

Aimée’s sharp attention to detail is one of her defining characteristics as a designer.  She has a fresh, energetic approach that draws as much intuition as tradition.  Aimée feels that the designer’s primary success is to answer a client’s needs, wishes and dreams.  Creating the right proportion and ambience in its surroundings is what makes for an intriguing and exceptional design. Her various travels around the globe is continuously enriching her taste and style.

Aimée’s degree in art has allowed her to develop her interior design career from the aesthetic balance point of view of space, volume and hues.  Her projects transmit her artistic passion between modern, contemporary and classic designs.  Proportions are essential and the core of excellent design.